Days of Wine, and (especially) Rosés!

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Summer’s here, embracing the days of wine and roses – and rosés. Actually, I have just imbibed a glass of rosé whilst sat next to my prized rose bush, listening to birds singing and insects buzzing. Delightful taste, beautiful scent, breathtaking view, calming sounds. All the senses satisfied - the best of all possible ...

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Wines for Christmas Dinner

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Hands up – how many of you will have turkey for Christmas dinner? A good few methinks. And what wine will you serve with it? Not sure? Let me give you a few hints as to what might go well with turkey – and a host of other Christmas food. By the way, all ...

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Wine of the Month – Château La Mascaronne Rosé.

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Stop and Smell the Rosés! Actually, I should say stop and smell the rosé, singular, because although The Wine Shed has a wonderful selection of more than twenty mouth-watering rosés, I want to concentrate on just one - Château La Mascaronne Rosé. Before we look at the wine itself, let me whisk you off ...

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