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WINE OF THE MONTH – Reyneke Cornerstone Bio-dynamic

2021-07-09T18:59:15+01:00July 9th, 2021|Categories: Blog, The Wine Shed, Wine|Tags: , , , |

To link in with this month’s blog about bio-dynamic wines, we’ve chosen Reyneke Cornerstone Bio-dynamic 2016 from Stellenbosch, South Africa, as our Wine of the Month. If you were ever lucky enough to visit the Reyneke Estate, you might be surprised to find not only vineyards but also a farm, complete with cows and ...

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Bio-dynamic Wine

2021-07-09T18:22:54+01:00July 9th, 2021|Categories: Blog, The Wine Shed, Wine|Tags: , , , |

I wrote recently about what the term organic means with regard to wine. Now it’s the turn of bio-dynamic. I suppose you could say this is organic – and beyond. Bio-dynamics is a system of agriculture and horticulture introduced in the 1920s by Rudolph Steiner, an Austrian philosopher. (By the way, his areas of ...

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