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Wine of the Month: ‘My Merlot is not the Answer. It just makes you forget the Question’.

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  Merlot = Bordeaux, right? Not necessarily! The classic Bordeaux blend does include Merlot, but you can find Merlot in plenty of other places – the USA, Chile, Australia, Italy, New Zealand. But Germany? Nah – or so I thought! According to figures published by the German Wine Institute (drawing on information from the ...

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Spotlight on ………. Merlot

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Spotlight on … Merlot To follow up on my blog a couple of months ago about Pinot Noir, here’s another International Wine Day – this time the spotlight is on Merlot. The 7th November is not only International Merlot Day, it’s also International Hug a Bear Day! Yes! I kid you not. So, as ...

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